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We create, plan and meticulously deliver momentous Santorini weddings in beautiful venues for our discerning clientele... Your personal Santorini Wedding Planners.

Magical and beautifully planned weddings in Santorini, Greece.

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Perfectly planned

Capture the moments that take your breath away.

Planning a Santorini wedding requires creativity, efficiency, meticulous organisation and attention to detail. Chelsea, the Santorini wedding planner possesses these qualities in abundance, along with our insider’s knowledge and understanding of the local industry and landscape, plus a deep desire to make our clients’ dreams come true.

Best Santorini Wedding PlannerFurthermore Santorini Weddings by Chelsea are based in both the UK & Santorini, and we’re always at hand to customise your perfect day!

Begin your journey now and together we’ll plan your perfect wedding in Santorini!

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Santorini Weddings

Inspiration & Ideas

Romantic Wedding Venues in Santorini.

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Organised, Bespoke, Cost & Budget

We create remarkable, intimate and unique weddings in line with your budget.

Just as every couple is different, so too is every wedding. Inspired by the beauty and magic of Santorini, our team of wedding planners work closely with you, while we get to know what it is you truly desire – be it an on the beach spiritual blessing, contrarily a traditional church ceremony and classic reception or a Greek wedding with a twist. If you can dream it, our Santorini wedding packages can make it a reality.

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Picture perfect locations

Inspired by the beauty and magic of Santorini island.

Firstly we collaborate with stylish, discerning couples, who share our love affair with Santorini and always work with the best Santorini wedding venues and suppliers that the island has to offer.

Additionally, style and luxury is something we adore, we’re dedicated & passionate about turning your dreams into a breath-taking, stress free and unforgettable enchanting occasion.

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Le Ciel Santorini Wedding Venue

Services - Santorini Weddings

Wedding planning, design and coordination

Henceforth, our specialised team based in both the UK and Santorini, Greece, specifically allow us to provide bespoke wedding planning, design and coordination services to make the whole experience both enjoyable and as stress-free as possible.

Unlike many other providers, we presently provide regular meetings plus unlimited email & phone call support to help you customise your dream wedding day.

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Santorini Weddings by Chelsea

Beautifully bespoke

Unquestionably your wedding ceremony can be seen as a true reflection of your personalities, desires and delights. A magical and momentous time in your lives when unforgettable memories are made for you and your families.

Reviews - Santorini weddings

Eugenia said she was

Thrilled with the service

“Dear brides and grooms! If you are at the stage of choosing the wedding planners, don’t hesitate to choose Santorini wedding planners!

We chose them because they are reasonably priced and their company is located in Santorini and the UK, which was very convenient. They were answering me within 24 hours and always available.

On the day of the wedding I didn’t have any worries and could be completely relaxed as the day before the wedding we met and cleared out all the details. All recommendations were perfect: wedding cake, singer, hairdresser, makeup artist, videographer and many more.”

More Santorini Wedding Reviews...

The best experience ever!

No headache, affordable costs and more importantly very supportive!

Everything was planned and suggested making it effortless for such a little amount of cost. Chelsea was supportive throughout the whole process, not only regarding the ceremony but also regarding the paperwork requirements.

Highly recommended!

Zane x

We had our dream wedding thanks to Santorini Wedding planners! Everything was perfect! The hair/makeup artist, florist, photographer and videographer that were recommended to us were wonderful! We genuinely could not have asked for anything better. Any queries we had Chelsea responded quickly, and made the experience very easy for us. We would 100% recommend it to anyone wanting to get married in Santorini.

Laura x

If you are planning a wedding in Santorini you will never regret it, because this is a fantastic island! We had our wedding last summer. I am very much thankful to the whole team. Everything was organised: decoration, photographer, videographer, legalities etc. We cannot express our emotions! They were unbelievable! Santo Wines was our wedding venue and the ceremony was very beautiful!

Olga x

FAQs - Santorini Weddings

We typically recommend arriving on Santorini island at least 2 days before the big day. If you would like to legally get married in Santorini, see our civil wedding section under wedding packages, then you will need to attend the local town hall the next working day following the wedding day to complete the legal paperwork. We would also advise 2-3 working days after the wedding day.

Yes, you can have a beach wedding in Santorini and there are several venues we can show you. However, Santorini is famous more for its breath-taking caldera cliff top views overlooking the volcano and the deep blue Aegean sea and, in the mainland, prominent white buildings with their signature blue roof domes.

It completely depends. We work with many couples with a variety of budgets who have all fulfilled their dream destination weddings. As always, unless you have an unlimited budget, you will need to assess and prioritise what really matters to you and we discuss this with you. Some couples love flowers and allocate a significant part of their budget towards decorating the wedding venue. Other couples who are foodies will have a keen eye to ensure they are choosing the best food menu option for their wedding day. A lot of couples prefer having a single venue for both the ceremony and reception and do not want to have travel disruptions between venues on the wedding day. Regardless of your preferences, get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to discuss your wedding day.

Between May and September the days are usually sunny and dry though. July and August are very hot and can often see temperatures in the 30s.

We do not have specific wedding packages; at Santorini wedding planning we strongly believe in tailoring each one of our weddings to the couples’ individual needs. But here are some Santorini Wedding Packages to get you started.

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