Vow Renewals in Santorini

Vow renewals are a heartfelt way to reaffirm your love and the promises you once made on your wedding day. As your wedding planner, we will book the Celebrant and support you through the vows renewals process which includes helping you to find the most romantic setting for such a beautiful moment.


Our team will be on hand throughout the entirety of the process from meticulous planning, meetings in Santorini on your arrival and coordinating the day. As a vow renewal isn’t a legal process, there is also very limited paperwork to organise which allows for a straight forward and stress free process.

We will help you to choose your venue to make the perfect setting for your vow renewal in Santorini. There is a variety of wedding venues in Santorini that offer either ceremony only or ceremony and reception packages where your vow renewal can take place. All the best venues on the island are available for vow renewals meaning the venue comes down merely to the couple’s choice of which is their personal favourite.
At a vow renewal, it can be a thoughtful token to have personalised documents that can be signed following the vows and witnessed by two people for you to preserve and cherish next to your legal marriage certificate. The witnesses are normally chosen friends or family from your entourage. However, upon request, we would be happy for our team to sign as witnesses for example with very small vow renewals.

To know further information about the legal requirements, please see our legal page. Furthermore, please complete our booking form to make an enquiry and we will be happy to discuss your special day.

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