Engagements in Santorini

You like it, and now you’re thinking to put a ring on it! Choosing our Engagement package is a wonderful option to surprise your future spouse whilst on holiday with a sentimental engagement.


Why not take advantage of the romantic settings customary for weddings to have for your engagement which will create a once in a lifetime moment that will be uncompromisingly beautiful. With our team, we will arrange rose petals, candle lights, lighted word decorations such as “LOVE” or “MARRY ME”, live music such as your partner’s favourite song played on strings or with a white baby grand piano.

We would also ensure the whole moment will be captured for eternity with the help of our recommended photographers and videographers with drones that can capture the moment from before you even enter a venue where you plan to propose. Dream Big!

However you wish to carry out your proposal in Santorini, our engagement packages are the perfect way to create an experience that will truly be memorable for the rest of your lives.

To know further information about the legal requirements, please see our legal page. Furthermore, please complete our booking form to make an enquiry and we will be happy to discuss your special day.


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