El Viento

El Viento Villa has the iconic Caldera view by Megalohori village overlooking the Aegean Sea with magnificent sunset views throughout the year. It is the oldest century-old-stone-built windmill on the Island.

key Points

It is the same Santorinian family that own the venue that operated the windmill commercially many decades ago. The family are still hands on which creates an authentic and rustic wedding feel incomparable to any other venue on the Island. The family, with a heritage for baking, also owns the largest bakery on the Island notorious for its wedding cakes which are enjoyed by the majority of weddings across the Island.

The vehicle transfer pulls off the main road onto a private drive that takes you quickly to the front of the venue. As you step outside the vehicle you are presented by rural surroundings with a spectacular view of the Caldera. As you then turn your head to view the venue you will see a gated and private complex with an authentic windmill inside the venue which has now been turned into a one-of-a-kind bridal suite. Moving into the property, you walk directly into the Ceremony area with a glass fronted edge behind the gazebo creating an incredible wow factor that hits you immediately.

To the left of the ceremony area is an old stone wall feature and behind this can be the perfect area for a customised photo booth with floral decorations and lighting incredible for the photo album and social media. Next to the Ceremony you can have beautiful props with meaningful lighted words and live entertainment. The Ceremony area is the perfect space to welcome guests on arrival with a glass of bubbly. At the right time, our venue co-ordinators will ask the guests to be seated ready for the bride’s spectacular entrance. The ceremony itself, in addition to the Caldera view sitting behind the Ceremony will host chairs and gazebo that are beautifully decorated in your choice of artificial or fresh floral arrangements with the help and appointment of a local and talented florist on the island that ourselves will organise on your behalf. The flowers will have arrived and been refrigerated at the florist site only days before the event to ensure freshness and smell from reputable Dutch producers. At the ceremony, you may wish to have a live musician to play your sentimental song choices to add a heightened ambience and discovery of emotion when you as the bride make your spectacular entrance.

Following the touching ceremony, guest will eventually make their way downstairs to a lower floor for the reception passing the private pool along the way which can be used for water-based fireworks. As with many venues with a Caldera view, there can be stairs to overcome. However, like most venues, the staff are extremely hospitable and will help any individuals in need of assistance. The reception area is mostly outdoors which will have prepared your table floral decorations and chosen favours with a guest seating plan on entrance. There is also a sheltered area where the party can be hosted. One of the unique aspects of El Viento is that with our help of a local vendor you will need to choose a beautiful chandelier and lighting that will be placed in the sheltered area. 

To the forefront you have the spectacular Caldera views, alfresco dining experience but then you have some practicality later in the evening for the sheltered area for the dance floor. As you look back up at the venue from the lower cliff edge reception area, the magnitude of the venue itself with the evening backdrop lighting is also another breath-taking feature of the venue.

When the evening frivolities end, the music will gradually come to a close and our wedding co-ordinators will escort the guests to their carriages which will be waiting at the venue entrance.

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