Santorini Wedding Photography

As your wedding planner, we will recommend trusted, highly skilled and reputable photographers in santorini.
We will share with you the various styles each of the photographers have and some of their work to
help you decide on what theme and services you would like to achieve for your dream day.



Once you have decided your favourite photographer for your Santorini wedding, we will confirm their availability and organise the booking. Couples typically book 7-10 hours of a photographer’s time which is split between the wedding day and often a couple hours of shooting with the bride and groom separately preparing
for the big day. As there is a lot to take in on the wedding day, some couples wish to spend as much time with the guests as possible which is to be expected. Conversely, this can compromise the time couples spend with the photographer alone. However, by booking a couple hours the following day for a shoot, the  same wedding photographer can capture some beautiful moments around the island, and it means you never have to leave the venue on the wedding day. Yes, this would mean another makeup and hair appointment and wearing your wedding dress again, but it will maximise the quality and volume of your photos and it will also maximise your time spent enjoying the wedding venue spending time
with friends and family.

A talented photographer will be able to provide a story telling approach, which involves providing a
seamless blend of more than one genre which captures the essence and emotions of the day. The more clarity and direction you provide the photographer of what you are looking for, then the photographer can tailor their arrangements accordingly. Additionally, a good photographer will also capture a thorough coverage of the wedding day and all the activities that unfold ensuring every key moment is captured.

Natural photography

Many of the photographers we work with on the island specialise in natural photography which aims
to emphasise the natural beauty of the couple, their guests, and the island. The island of Santorini is
spectacularly beautiful. The photographers adore the Santorini lighting, the sea and island views and
really focus on bringing the natural landscape into effect without filters or dramatic effects. Part of
the reason you choose a destination wedding such as Santorini is the natural beauty of the island,
and our recommended suppliers provide simply incredible photos.


Rising in popularity on the island and internationally is the demand to have a photographer
specialised in cinematography for your Santorini wedding. When the photos are produced, they look like they are from a movie;
very high quality and dramatized. Photographers use more artistic and theatrical use of lighting and
landscaping. The cinematographers that we work with are artists that pride themselves on creativity
and uniqueness whereby you can be sure to capture photos on the island like no other wedding will


Videographers are becoming ‘a must have’ for our couples as they can watch repeatedly all the
events of the day whether that be the ceremony, first dance, cake cutting, speeches etc. Most

couples will have the videographer for the same duration as their photographer on their wedding
day. What you want to create can vary between couples but typically an hourlong video covering all
the main events of the day, and possibly a short video less than 5 minutes which will suit sharing via
mobile or on social media to show your friends and family. Videographers are constantly
modernising and improving their performance for a spectacular video. On the Santorini island most of the wedding
videographers also have access to use a drone upon request.

Making Memories

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