Wedding Hotels in Santorini

Part of the wedding preparation, you will decide where you would like to stay on the island, these
arrangements help you and your guests meet and enjoy time together on the build-up to the
wedding day which helps to create an intimate wedding and a strong feeling of togetherness
between guests that may have previously not been acquainted before the trip to Santorini.

Infinity Pools

infinity pools

You and your guests may wish to choose a certain vicinity to stay, such as Kamari, whereby there are many hotels of varying standards, a beach, plenty of bars and restaurants where your guests can arrange to meet up at different times of the day.
There are a few large hotels on the island and most have arrangements with large travel providers and so they do not typically offer to the public directly more than 3 room bookings to one party.
However, through our planning agency, we have a relationship with some of the larger hotels such as El Greco in the capital Thira whereby we can provide you with a large booking for all your guests
to stay in one hotel.


Thira is the capital of the island which is an amazing area for shopping, bars, and restaurants. There
are many boutique shops as well as more high-end jewellers with a small shopping centre. In
between the retail and hospitality venues there are several boutique hotels in Thira also. The capital
is a pedestrianised area that sits on the cliff edge with a spectacular view of the Caldera. Thira makes
a beautiful place to reserve a table to watch the mesmerising sunset with yachts and luxury cruises
in the sea below. If you want to be in the heart of it all, then Thira may be the best place to stay. In
addition, Thira sits in the middle of the island making it a perfect place to easily travel to different
parts of the island.



Oia is the most iconic town on the island and is known for having the best sunset views on the entirety of the island. Just off the town in the Aegean Sea, you will see many boat tours stopping for the sunset. The town has very narrow streets with authentic white buildings with traditional specs of blue. Due to the increasing popularity of the island and day visits from cruise ship guests, Oia for the sunset can become a highly populated area and it is most definitely worth reserving a table. Once you have witnessed the sunset in Oia, it will become clear why it is so popular. The hotels in Oia are special and is one of the most expensive places on the island.


Imovergli is a small area that sits on the cliff edge between the capital Thira and the town Oia. It has few independent bars and restaurants and is made up predominantly of reputable hotels with restaurants and bars within them. Imervogli houses many luxury hospitality venues such as the famous Cavo Tagoo and the Budda bar in the La Maltese hotel. Most of the hotels in this vicinity will be 4 and 5 star and you are paying a premium but in return you will be enjoying a peaceful, less populated part of the island with spectacular views and excellent hospitality service. Areas such as this may be suitable for the honeymoon period of your trip, a place to relax, reminisce of the wedding day and live your first few days of married life in style.


Kamari is only a 5-minute drive from the airport and is on the flatter side of the island. Kamari is a small town with many bars, restaurant, and a beach. Whether you would like to relax, find a sports bar, or live entertainment, you can be sure to find plenty to do in Kamari. Additionally, Kamari has a reputable cliff extending into the sea which can be seen on one end of the beach. There are boat taxis that can take you around the cliff to the next town called Perissa. Additionally, there is a safe pathway that many tourists embark on for exercise and to witness the spectacular view at the top. In Kamari, there is a mixture of private apartments and villas to rent and affordable hotels all the way up to 5* hotels.


Pyrgos is more of a traditional village. It can provide an authentic and local Santorini experience with a little more peace and quiet compared to other livelier areas.
It is a hidden gem in Santorini that is the former capital. Traditional architecture, narrow winding paths leading up the hillside, small white houses, vineyards, churches, and breath-taking sunsets, it is truly magical.


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