Symbolic Weddings in Santorini

Other than the legal aspect, there is no difference between a Civil and Symbolic wedding. There is still a Celebrant from the town hall which we will organise. The customary ceremony procedures are all followed, and all your guests will not know whether the wedding is civil or symbolic.


Symbolic weddings are not legally binding. You may be thinking, “why would I not want to legally get married?”. The main answer why our couples decide to have a symbolic wedding is simplicity. A minority of couples choose to legally get married in their home country where they know the legal process or can contact their local town hall quickly for information. The legal wedding in your home country would typically be around the time of the trip to Santorini so that the two wedding dates are close to each other.

To know further information about the legal requirements, please see our legal page. Furthermore, please complete our booking form to make an enquiry and we will be happy to discuss your special day.

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