The time of year you choose to get married can have a significant impact on the weather you will experience. Please see the information below to help you decide your preferred climate which will then impact other decisions such as your choice of venue.

Average High/Low Temperatures through the calendar year (source Santorini-view): 

January: 14°C / 10°C
January the weather is cold, and windy. The island is quiet with very little tourists. January is probably
the rainiest month and one of the coldest.

February: 14°C / 10°C
February the weather is cold, and windy. Many think that February is always the coldest month.

March: 16°C / 11°C
March the weather remains cold, but small changes occur in March in relation with 3 previous months.
More sun, less rain.

April: 18°C / 13°C
April the weather gets warm, probably one of the best months for hiking and sightseeing.

May: 23°C / 17°C
May is mainly sunny and warm. It is of the best months of the year to visit Santorini when the
temperatures are high, and the chance of rain is low.

June: 27°C / 21°C
June the weather is hot and sunny. It is the start of beach season when tourists arrive in large numbers.

July: 29°C / 23°C
July is hot and sunny. July is one of the busiest months of the year in Santorini.

August: 29°C / 23°C
August is hot and sunny, tended to be known for the hottest month. August is renowned for being the
busiest time of the season, with huge numbers of families and couples arriving on the island.

September: 26°C / 21°C
September the weather is much like June hot and sunny but cooling a little. The water tends to be
warmer as it heats over the summer months.

October: 23°C / 18°C
October is still nice and warm, although you should bring a warmer jumper for the evenings as
things cool around 18ºC at night.

November: 19°C / 14°C
November starts to get a little cooler, as summer draws to a close. It’s still mild at this time of year,
but the amount of rainfall is on the increase in November too. As the winter season is approaching.

December: 15°C / 11°C
December the weather starts to cool down with even lower temperatures at night. Santorini
weather in December is also quite wet with an increase in rainfall and a slight decrease in the
amount of daily sunshine.

In winter between December and mid-March the temperature in Santorini is typically mild with
bouts of bad weather experiencing wind and rain and low temperature dropping to an average of 9°C.
The main wedding venues are closed during the winter.

In spring between March and mid-May the temperature on the island begins to improve and rainfall
becoming infrequent, and the holiday and summer wedding season starts from mid-April.
In summer between June and mid-September is the hottest and best weather in Santorini. August is
known to be the hottest month. However, for weddings this can often prove to be above the ideal
temperature for a wedding day when considering the volume of activities that take place in the
outdoor vicinities of the venues.

In Autumn between mid-September and November, the weather is still warm and sunny, but the
temperature slowly begins to fall, and winds gradually increase with each passing week heading
eventually into the winter months. The summer holiday and wedding season extends all the way to
mid-October normally which still proves to be a great time to get married when considering the

What’s the best time to get married in Santorini?
We have weddings throughout the entirety of the wedding season from mid-April all the way
through to mid-October. But we would recommend weddings to get the optimal weather conditions
to be between May-July and September. In these months, the temperature is hot but manageable
for wedding guests, although July can start becoming similarly extremely hot like August towards the
end of the month.

The month you decide to get married in Santorini will play a significant deciding factor for several
decisions you make. Firstly, some venues are more exposed to adverse weather conditions than
others and so we would recommend that some venues susceptible to weather concerns only be
booked in the height of the summer season such as July and August. There are many venues with
both indoor and outdoor facilities which offers excellent practicality that are perfect for weddings
end of the summer season. The time of year will also play a factor to the attire and dress code that
will be set. For instance, ties or tweed jackets. In the height of the summer season, you may wish to
choose artificial flowers instead of real flowers which won’t be impacted by intense heat, direct
sunlight, or general sun exposure. The order of service could also be impacted on the time of year.
The further into the summer, the latter the sunset will happen.

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