Pre & Post Wedding Events

Want to make the most of your destination wedding in Santorini? We can help you organise special events to immerse your guests in the beautiful island either building exciting momentum towards the wedding or creating moments for nostalgia.

Wet Stories

Wet Stories

Wet Stories is a great setting to throw a pre or post wedding event. Located on the beautiful beach
of Perivolos which is famous for its black sand. It is suitable for both day and evening events with
whatever you are looking for from an upbeat day beach party to a high-end evening celebration.
Wet Stories is a beautiful beach bar and restaurant. In the day time, we can book the main beach sofas in the heart of the Wet Stories beach area which is surrounded by large speakers which will create a real party vibe and be the focal point in the venue. The dynamism of Wet Stories is how it becomes a high-end evening bar perfect for a private booking for drinks and canape food. The bar area is spacious and it has a great ambient feeling with warm backdrop LED lighting, glass cabinets for wine storage and a DJ booth. The evening beach area falls into darkness but can be lit up by candles all the way down to the sea front which allows guests a magical place or general reflection creating nostalgic memories to last a lifetime. Wet Stories is also in a part of the island with liberal rules for closing times and music volume allowing you to party into the early morning.


Laze is a great setting to throw a pre or post wedding event. Located close to the iconic town of Oia
providing a beautiful sea view. Their facilities provide flexibility to meet everyone’s needs as you can
rent either the entire venue, the main restaurant, or the swimming pool vicinity to suit the ambience
you are looking for. Our couples love to host a day time pool party at this venue which is an area that can be exclusively booked. It caters well for a blend of guests, with the option for kids to play in the pool, elderly guests to relax on a sun bed or in the restaurant. But with your music set high in a pool bar vicinity, it makes a great place for a pool party to be in full swing. Laze is a sister company to one of the most reputable catering companies on the island and therefore the restaurant food menu is set to meet your expectations.


Theros Wave Bar

Theros Wave Bar is a great setting to throw a pre or post wedding event. At Eros beach it is a perfect
all-day venue throughout the season. Theros has been voted as one of the best beach bars in the
Mediterranean so truly know how to throw a memorable event. As the vehicle transfers turn off the main road, you wind down a long dirt track between the cliffs and you begin to wonder where you are being taken. But then, you reach the bottom of the hill setting your sights on the beach and sea pulling up right in front of Theros Wave Bar. The Bar has a thatched roof and because it’s at sea level you can stare out into the Aegean Sea which looks never ending providing you with almost a Caribbean feeling. The Bar also has access down to the beach with sun beds and a beach to host a day filled with fun and games.


Buddha Bar La Maltese

Buddha Bar La Maltese is a great setting to throw a pre or post wedding event. Suitable for both day
and night events. It provides the perfect combination of Buddha-bar signature atmosphere and a
spectacular breath-taking Caldera view. Buddha Bar La Maltese is also a luxury boutique hotel and you have the option to exclusively book the accommodation as well as the venue for an event. ‘Cool’ and ‘chic’ are a some of the most regular feedbacks we hear from couples having events here. There is an outdoor pool and plenty of seating outside overlooking the cliff edge allowing you to blend the authentic Santorini Caldera view with a Buddha party which is well received by the event guests. In the evening, the venue is lit up with ambient lighting creating a fantastic evening bar which will have a backdrop to the Aegean Sea which will be lit up by the beautiful moon which can often be seen in full presence in the sky.

Budda Bar

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