Santo Winery

Santo Winery has a beautiful location with cliff top sea views on the Caldera. Santo Winery is one of the largest and most modern wineries on the Island of Santorini, offering local wines with a luxury feel. 

key Points

The ceremony and reception areas are offered exclusively for your ensemble with both exposed and sheltered spaces allowing creative aesthetics without compromising practicality. Guaranteed never to run short on wine, your wedding day at Santo Winery is the perfect destination to pour your hearts and sip your dreams.

The vehicle transfer gradually stops in commercially sized reserved parking spaces perfect for private group vehicles for your guests to arrive directly at the ceremony entrance. The venue is situated at the top of a large hill following a significant ascent and only 8 minutes from the capital, Thira. The ceremony area is a large private area accessed by a few steps or a ramp for easy accessibility. As soon as you step into the reception area through authentic white doors, you will immediately see the spectacular panoramic view of the Caldera. 

The ceremony entrance is the perfect space to welcome guests on arrival with a glass of bubbly with the option of smooth strings, pianist, or saxophonist live entertainment to acclimatise guests to your special day. At the right time, our venue co-ordinators will request the guests to be seated ready for your momentous entrance as the bride. At the ceremony, you will see the amazing impact of your choice of decorations by aesthetically improving the aisle, chairs and the gazebo will be fully decorated in your favourite arrangement of artificial or fresh floral arrangements with the help and appointment of a local and talented florist on the island that ourselves will organise on your behalf. The flowers will have arrived and been refrigerated at the florist site only days before the event to ensure freshness and smell from reputable Dutch producers. At the ceremony, you may wish to have a live musician to play your sentimental song choices to add a heightened ambience and discovery of emotion when you as the bride make your spectacular entrance.


Taking a tactical break from the Wedding in transitioning parts of the day and during the bride’s photography periods, the guests can entertain themselves by viewing the Winery’s shop hosting all of their beloved and reputable wines and condiments available for personal purchases. There are also large lavatory facilities placed in the main winery building placed in between the Ceremony and Reception area which is shared with the Winery bar and restaurant.

The dance floor is often situated in the middle of the sheltered dining reception space which provides an intimate family and inclusion feel between the guests and the head table. To the left of the dance floor and dining space, without interruption, you walk across the floor into a private outdoor space which can be draped in fairy lights for extra warm ambience. The outdoor space is extensive and extends along the cliff edge.

At the end of the outdoor area there is comfortable seating space for guests to have personal moments of reflection of the day. Another beneficial feature of the venue is that they have a professional kitchen within the reception area which is made available for external caterers. There is ample room to host the working areas and provide exquisite food in a timely fashion. External caterers also offer a large variety of food menus which are more flexible to customise and individualise.

When the evening frivolities end, the music will gradually come to a close and our wedding co-ordinators will escort the guests to their carriages which will be waiting at the venue car park reserved parking spaces immediately upon exit.

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