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Choosing a wedding cake is such an exciting part of the wedding planning process. A beautiful wedding cake can be a real focal point of your Santorini wedding reception, adding to your wedding theme.

wedding cakes

As well as the first dance and the bouquet toss, cutting the cake is a charming custom for weddings which creates a fantastic opportunity for photos to add to the album. The modern day cutting of the cake is to symbolise one of the first activities achieved as a couple. Many couples see the cake design as a reflection of themselves; their favourite flavours, favourite colours, or even how introvert or extrovert they are. For this reason, we have seen wedding cakes become increasingly impressive and unique.

Multiple tier cakes available

We typically recommend that the cake cutting should take place at one of two times. The first option is to cut the cake during the sunset which typically falls just before the reception dinner. This often takes place outside where we can organise the supply of floor fireworks to be set simultaneously to the cake cutting. The sunset and the fireworks create a beautiful backdrop which produces a major highlight of the wedding. The second and most popular option is to have the cake cutting between the reception dinner and the evening party. Depending on the venue, this can either be outside or at a venue’s indoor designated dance floor.

3-7 Tier Cakes
Wedding Cakes

wedding cakes

The bride and groom will cut the cake together, traditionally the bride and groom feed each other a small piece of cake. This is a romantic and sweet moment for the couple and is a metaphor of the love and affection for one another. The cake cutting can also be a humorous occasion, and the modern-day interpretation of the tradition can turn into a light-hearted interaction between the couple.
Your wedding planner will organise the booking of your chosen wedding cake with the bakery in Santorini ahead of your wedding day. Our team will ensure the timely delivery on the wedding day to the venue and that the catering team prepares the cake in line with the order of service.
There are many things to consider when choosing your wedding cake. This is something our wedding planners will be able to guide you through to help create your dream cake with the reliable and experienced bakers on the island.

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