Dana Villas

Dana Villas is a wedding venue located on the cliff edge of the Caldera in Firostefani with spectacular views of the sunset and volcano. The venue allows guests the option to have their accommodation at the venue which can suit close family and friends to enjoy their vacations together. 

key Points

The iconic view Dana offers is one that many brides and grooms choose and are happy to embark on the high volume of stairs to move from the Ceremony area down to the Reception area as their view is completely uncompromised and panoramic.

The vehicle transfer ends up on a narrow busy side street which is a key accessway to the high street of Firostefani which is surrounded by boutique hotels and Caldera view restaurants and bars. As you step out of the vehicle, you walk up to the high street which you are presented by a breath-taking view of the Caldera. Guests immediately spend 10-15 minutes taking photos of the view before even reaching the venue. Eventually, guests will follow the street signs to Dana Villas walking through the narrow high street parallel to the cliff edge and will soon come to the venue entrance. Leading you downstairs to the ceremony area.

As the bride you will either be a hotel guest in a suite with privacy before the event or you arrive in your wedding dress moments before the ceremony for a dramatic entrance. The ceremony itself, in addition to the Caldera view sitting behind the ceremony, will host chairs and gazebo that are beautifully decorated in your choice of artificial or fresh floral arrangements with the help and appointment of a local and talented florist on the island that ourselves will organise on your behalf.

The flowers will have arrived and been refrigerated at the florist site only days before the event to ensure freshness and smell from reputable Dutch producers. At the ceremony, you may wish to have a live musician to play your sentimental song choices to add a heightened ambience and discovery of emotion when you as the bride make your spectacular entrance.

Dana Villa

Following the ceremony, the chairs are removed leaving an open space available perfect for a cocktail hour with live entertainment whilst you and the groom spend time with the photographer. Alternatively, guests can make their way down to the exclusive reception area that has an uncompromised and panoramic view of the magical Aegean Sea with a cross section of the Island on the right-hand side heading towards the town of Oia. There is a 5-minute walk through the venue down to the wedding reception area from the ceremony down the notorious stairs of Dana Villas. Most couples are happy to compromise for the exercise so that they can be rewarded for the reputable incredible view Dana Villas has to offer.

The Dana Villas wedding venue is a fantastic boutique hotel venue that brings family and friends together not just for the wedding day but also the potential for the entirety of your stay. When the evening frivolities end, the music will gradually come to a close and our wedding co-ordinators will escort the guests to their carriages which will be waiting at the same drop off location.


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