Wedding Flowers in Santorini

Our wedding planners are on hand to support couples to choose their dream floral arrangements, confirm bookings and regularly communicate with the florist right up to the wedding day to ensure all the couple’s fine details are implemented.

We work with the island’s most reputable florists who are well versed in Santorini weddings and have perfected the entire process from import, interim cold storage, logistics and on day set up. 


santorini floral service

Our planning team and the florists will support floral event planning designs showcasing one of the most beautiful and memorable days of your life. One of the most important considerations is presenting a stunning bouquet for you and your bridesmaids, implementing an attractive backdrop for the head table, adding lush landscapes, and executing every other element of the ceremony with care. We want you to view your photo and video gallery throughout the years following your wedding and know that your wedding was entertaining, beautiful, and timeless. 

Floral Service
Floral Arrangements

main floral arrangements

  • Gazebo decor 
  • Chair decor
  • Wedding aisle floral arrangements 
  • Table centrepieces 
  • Custom Bouquets
  • Corsages
  • Table runners

Ceremony Decoration

The focus of the ceremony IS the altar area, some of the best moments are taken there, officially tying the knot. Many photos will take place in this very spot before and after the wedding, so it’s money well spent! A little or a lot depends upon your taste!

Reception Decoration

Reception Decoration
The bulk of your time will be at the reception area, so make sure you treat it accordingly. The beautiful touch of floral decor goes a long way so even a small amount will make an impact

Artificial flowers vs Real flowers

There is a divided opinion whether to choose artificial flowers or real flowers for your wedding day. Paper flowers maintain their vibrancy and are unlikely to change form or colour during the wedding day due to weather ailments such as direct sun exposure, wind, and heat.

Notwithstanding paper flowers, every real floral decoration at our weddings in Santorini that we have seen with our chosen reputable florist vendors have always been excellent and haven’t wavered from any potential risk. One of the main reasons for this is that we work with vendors on the island that take great care in handling and assembling decorations. Additionally, our florists typically over order on their purchase

Flowers for all

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